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How custom plastic injection moulding helped Kingsbeech with a specific railway wear strip engineering.

Kingsbeech Limited are a trusted supplier to a wide range of multinational companies in the military, aerospace, rail, aviation, oil/gas, and industrial markets. 

On this occasion, Kingsbeech had a specific engineering requirement for a railway wear strip from one of their high-profile UK clients.

Custom plastic injection moulding railway wear strip
Kingsbeech custom plastic injection moulding railway wear strip

On receipt of the brief, Michael instigated enquiries with several Injection Moulding companies. Many of the companies contacted were unable to help with this specific project, or were too expensive, with a few even refusing to quote. After a couple of weeks, Michael was starting to feel frustrated and increasingly worried that he would not be able to service his customer.

One of the companies that Michael spoke with that were unable to help with the project, recommended Paul Norman Plastics Limited.

Initial contact was made and a CAD drawing for the required part was supplied. Paul Norman Plastics promptly reverted with a quotation, Michael said “PNP came back quickly with a great price, their quote blew all the others out the water.” As a result of the favourable price, Kingsbeech secured the job with their client for this custom plastic injection moulding.

Michael went on to say –

“Working with PNP was just a breeze. They were open and amenable, there was no messing about, they got straight to point, they had a can-do attitude, correspondence was quick, the communication and costs were marvelous, the process was simple, there was no messing about, they took care of my problem, and the lead time was good.”

With this specific project a minor problem was encountered with the mould whereby the cavity was slightly undersize because the tolerances were very tight, these were tweaked when we had accurate shrinkage information. This was communicated and resolved promptly.

On completion of the project, Kingsbeech confirmed that the part was fit for form and function, met all the requirements and this rare application is now being used on live rail service.

We asked Michael for a full testimonial and he said the following about our services:

“As for my dealing with PNP, I can say it’s definitely been a pleasure. Communication has been brilliant, quality of the product was good on our inspection, and every member of the PNP team that I’ve dealt with has been a big help. PNP will definitely be our go to for any future injection moulding projects/tenders/quotes.”

When asked whether he would recommend PNP, Michael said -

“Based on my experience of PNP, I have no concerns – their price was the most competitive, their lead time was efficient, the quality was spot on and I received very good customer service. I didn’t have to worry or think about the project, PNP made the whole process very easy."


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