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How we helped with 'Design for Manufacture', Injection Moulding & a low volume requirement.

Our customer is a specialist in corrugated and reusable packaging, supplying solutions to satisfy any specification. Products range from all forms of industrial packaging to ESD safe packaging.

Our client works with customers to create additional value through packaging engineering, cost reduction, innovative design, bespoke logistical solutions, and market leading customer service.

As innovators within their industry, they identified a niche in the market for custom size Correx® totes with a built-in handle and extendable stacking system. This product needed to be injection moulded however they did not have the capabilities to do this themselves in-house.

Our Client started their search for a local Injection Moulding partner who could provide them with ‘design for manufacture’ and injection moulding expertise, who would be prepared to fulfil their low volume requirement.

Equipped with a concept design drawing, project personnel visited PNP for a consultation meeting to discuss the design and manufacture of the live hinge folding handle and corner protectors for the tote boxes.

Designed for Manufacture by PNP Custom Correx® totes.
Designed for Manufacture by PNP Custom Correx® totes

“We were very pleased to find PNP, a partner who supply exactly what we need. PNP tick all our boxes, they provide the specialist injection moulding perspective and technical input that we require, and their quotation was favourable.”

PNP liaised closely with their Design Engineer, contributing ideas to the function of the product and advice on materials, whilst reducing cost. By working with Paul Norman Plastics Limited, our client were able to successfully turn their concept into a physical product for manufacture which they could take to market.

Two versions of the handle were made from the same tool:

  1. Standard polypropylene in grey

  2. Conductive polypropylene in black

We asked Ian for a full testimonial and this is what he said:

“PNP provided us with everything we needed for a successful outcome. If you are looking for an Injection Moulding partner to provide excellent technical advice backed by strong customer service, Paul Norman Plastics Limited are it.”


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