injection mould tool being manufactured

Tooling Manufacture

Invest in the Tool

Undoubtedly the tooling element of the project is a major investment.   With the mould tool being at the heart of the manufacturing process, it is essential that the tool is designed and constructed properly to efficiently produce your parts throughout the life of your project.

We have an established network of the very best British toolmakers in the business and provide professional and specialist advice on the most suitable tooling configuration. 

With the initial plastic part and tool configuration we review ease of manufacture and will actively look to identify potential cost savings.  To accomplish this, we assess various elements such as polymer choice and best practice. 

Plastic injection mould tool with removeable core

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Following receipt of your enquiry we will provide you with a quotation fully detailing the financials of your project.


On receipt of your order, we will produce a concise project management plan and keep you informed every step of the way.


Your new tool will be trailed in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards and you will receive first of samples for your evaluation and approval.

You will receive our full support and guidance in every aspect of your project, coupled with the promise that we will work hard to deliver your requirements, meet your time scales, and exceed your expectations.