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Revolutionising Laser Tag: How PNP's Expertise in Injection Moulding Design and DFM Transformed Equipment Manufacturing

Established in 1991, our client's business, headquartered in the UK, stands as a leading global supplier of Laser Tag facilities. Offering both equipment-only solutions and full turnkey packages, they have played a pivotal role in setting up numerous Laser Tag facilities across various markets. From the UK to America, Canada to Australia, South Africa, throughout Europe, and into the Middle East.

Motivated by their passion to play the ultimate Laser Tag game in the most exciting environments and the desire to build the ultimate Laser Tag equipment, this company have pushed the frontiers and have introduced designs and ideas that continually set industry standards.

The company's founder, tasked with overseeing all equipment designs, had a precise directive: to create a sleek, contemporary, high-quality, durable, and ergonomic design that would significantly enhance the end user's experience. However, the existing design for the phaser gun, produced through vacuum forming, resulted in parts of inconsistent quality. Addressing and resolving this significant challenge was paramount to ensuring reliability and quality.

The client's first step was to engage with PNP to discuss their design for manufacture needs. During this meeting, PNP offered extensive injection moulding design and DFM advice and guidelines. While the client had their own design ideas, they lacked familiarity with the injection moulding process. PNP stepped in to provide tailored guidance, advising on draft angles, design complexity, and other crucial factors. Their expertise resulted in a significant reduction in component costs, approximately by 80%. Additionally, our guidance ensured consistent assembly of components, streamlining quality control processes for greater efficiency and the deployment of drilling as a secondary operation.

Secondary Operation Drilling; DFM DFIM

With PNP's assistance, the client embarked on a transformative journey. From product design to tool making, and finally, production, PNP's services were instrumental at every turn.

We requested a comprehensive testimonial from Jimmy, who had this to say about our services:

“Paul Norman himself is a mind full of useful and interesting information. His own curiosity and clear enjoyment of all things mechanical are reflected in the way the company works.  

All the staff are extremely accommodating, responsive, helpful, and prompt, and their aspiration for quality has been evident in all my interactions with them.


I tendered this project to many other injection moulders, both nationally and internationally and prices for both tooling and components from PNP are very competitive. They are willing to work to find the best solutions and it has been a great pleasure not just working with them but getting to know them too. I feel very lucky to have found them.” 

In conclusion, the journey of our client, a pioneer in the Laser Tag industry, underscores the importance of innovation, reliability, and quality in equipment design. By partnering with PNP for their injection moulding needs, they were able to overcome significant challenges, achieve cost efficiencies, and elevate their products to meet and exceed industry standards. Through a collaborative approach, PNP provided tailored guidance and expertise, ensuring a seamless transition from design to production.

As Jimmy's testimonial reflects, the dedication to quality, responsiveness, and competitive pricing set PNP apart in the injection moulding landscape. If you're considering plastic injection moulding for your components, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with us. Let us help turn your ideas into reality, just as we have for countless satisfied clients.


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