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Modernisation from metal to plasic for Electrical sector client.

Our client provides electrical connector solutions to the lighting and electronic sector, from basic terminal blocks to surface mount PCB connectors and transformers.

Prior to working with Paul Norman Plastics, our client was producing a metal version of their MCC Connection Centre lighting control module. They essentially wanted a more modern, aesthetically pleasing version of the product, that was strong and light, and one that performed better. As a result of the requirement, it was decided that they would convert the metal unit to a plastic polycarbonate moulded product.

Our client contact took over the management of the project from his predecessor and said the following –

“Our relationship with Paul Norman Plastics is very good, we have worked together to meet international standards that we need to conform with and PNP are always open and keen to look at modifications to improve upon the design and efficacy of the product.”

Since PNP’s involvement and the conversion of the product, sales have grown substantially.

Our client went on to say –

“The service from Paul Norman Plastics has always been superb. We have a very good working relationship, with a very constructive dialogue. PNP are always thinking outside the box and proposing good alternative solutions based on their injection moulding experience that we would not have necessarily thought of, which is great. Because of our strong relationship we go back to PNP for new products time and time again. If anyone is looking for an injection moulding solution, I would suggest they contact PNP.”

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