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A Local Service at a Sweet Price: Designing for Manufacture

The Bee Gym was developed several years ago by our client, Stuart Roweth.

The purpose of the Bee Gym device is to provide beekeepers with a chemical free solution to year-round Varroa protection and control, whilst creating sustainable colonies with minimal intervention from the beekeepers themselves.

Three versions of the product have been developed to date.

The original version was improved and modified, however the third iteration needed to look completely different. With the need to make the third adaptation aesthetically pleasing, our client decided to employ the services of a Design Agency.

Initially, our client was using a different manufacturing company, however after PNP had successfully produced the 3rd version of the Bee Gym Stuart decided to re-locate the whole project with PNP.

Stuart has said, “Working in tandem with the Design Agency and PNP worked very well, with the design company delivering on the aesthetic requirement, and PNP’s design for manufacture expertise and Technical Engineer going into finite detail regarding the practicalities of creating the tool and product.”

Stuart went on to say -

“When you invent something unique, you often feel like you are shooting in the dark. The whole process is very complicated, with lots of problems thrown up along the way. The communication from PNP was excellent with problems flagged and resolved as they arose.”

Tolerances and measurements were fundamental to the Bee Gym mark III, this design requirement was quicker to resolve with PNP as they are local, which made communication and the whole project process much easier.

We asked Stuart for a full testimonial, and he said the following about our services:

“Had I worked with PNP in the first instance, I think the design process would have been faster. I am pleased that we are working together now, not only are they local, but the communication flow and the relationship I have with them is good. And on top of that their quotation was keen, price is a big issue for me and PNP’s quotation made my project viable, thank you.”

Designed for manufacture:  Bee Gym in situ
Bee Gym in situ

Design for Manufacture:  Bee Gym Mark III Product Image
Bee Gym Mark III


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