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Plastic injection moulding tool transferred from different moulding company
Tooling Transfers Made Easy with Paul Norman Plastics

Transferring or reshoring your plastic injection mould tooling can be complex, but we are here to make it seamless. Whether your current moulder is closing, the components' cost needs to be lowered, or the job no longer fits their business strategy, we can help. 

High import costs and inefficient production volumes overseas are compelling reasons to relocate your tooling. Additionally, supporting UK manufacturing may be a priority for you.

Our expertise ensures a smooth tooling transfer, safeguarding your production. Trust us to handle the process carefully and professionally, supporting your business needs at every step. This service is designed to bring you peace of mind and optimism for the future of your production.


Ready to transfer or re-shore your plastic injection mold tooling? Contact us today for an initial discussion.

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